Be water-wise and still have a beautiful garden.

Outdoor living room

I like how this very small space packs in a lot of utility, with an outdoor shower, a couple different seating areas, a vegetable garden. The other thing that makes this space work, that makes any garden space really work, is the feeling of enclosure and privacy. The aesthetic is clean with wood and concrete, not a lot of fuss or detail, a low maintenance landscape. The grasses are attractive though they are unfortunately an invasive exotic and not something I would have specified. The outdoor shower drains passively into the garden. The breaks in the paving allow for drainage and water percolation into the soil. The house is relatively compact with a modern clean aesthetic which has now been carried into the outdoors, it all just really works for me. The design went through several iterations and required substantial effort, but the payoff is worthy. The plantings were not what I had planned but the effect is still nice.


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