Be water-wise and still have a beautiful garden.

Personal Space

I think the link between the physical and the mental, in terms of personal space, is forgotten and its impact underestimated. We take time to organize our mental space, to rest the brain, to put things in order, to prioritize. We seek moments of rest or relaxation in the form of sleep, or entertaining, dreaming and imagining. We are aware of, and acutely uncomfortable, in times of mental disorder. Call it “stress”. Disordered and unattractive physical environments contribute to stress. Ordering our physical environments is a way of managing those feelings. In doing “chores” around the house, we simultaneously order our physical and mental spaces. I find it relaxing, especially in the garden. Working in the garden, I’m free with my creativity. I feel calmed and ordered; I feel wonder and amazement. I notice change and motion. I see more deeply. Gardens can be spaces that are beautiful and harmonious; evoking the magnificence and biological diversity of our natural areas. As a culture, I sometimes fear we underestimate the importance of beauty in our surroundings. It’s worth spending a little time and effort to make your personal space attractive and inspiring.

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