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Spring on Black Mountain

Spring has sprung and the natives are flowering on local hillsides. I especially enjoyed a hilltop just north of Black Mountain Rd. It recently burned and was not weedy. Here’s a great combination of Dudleya pulverulenta surrounded by a gazillion Dichelostemma capitatum  I also saw nice Allium praecox and Stipa cornonata.  

Interview with Terrain Landscape

Questions of sustainability swirl in our heads daily as we go about the business of improving residential landscapes. At Terrain we’re constantly reevaluating our approach and refining our techniques with an eye toward superior results. Lance and I sat down to chat about some of the things that have popped up in recent weeks and […]

Introducing Terrain Landscape

Happy spring! Some of you may have been aware of changes afoot at Nathan Smith Landscape. As our network and demand for services has grown we’ve been adapting to meet out clients needs. Over the course of the past year we’ve been nursing new ideas and approaches, developing what I’ve come to believe is a […]

Time to “fall back” on you irrigation controller

The days are shorter and cooler, and with any luck more winter rains are on the way. Consider increasing the time between irrigation events. For many people that could mean removing one day a week from the schedule. For some it could mean turning the irrigation off altogether. One of my pet peeves with many […]

Adding Depth to Your Garden

I initially built the walls pictured below to divide my flat and featureless garden, taking the eye away from the prominent edges of our relatively small suburban lot in Leucadia. The division also helped create a distinct space on the far side of the wall. From the house it provided some screening from the expanse […]

Landscapes for modern architecture

I’ve recently had run of requests for landscapes to complement modern architecture, and thought I’d share some photos and thoughts on the subject. I’ve had the pleasure of working on recent projects designed by talented architects including Architects Magnus, Domus Sudio, and Sanctuary Architects. I certainly appreciate the clean lines and simplicity of modern architecture, […]

SEE AND KNOW THIS: Now is the time to enjoy Ceanothus

I have noticed Ceanothus flowering spectacularly this season in San Diego on the hills east of Encinitas. Two different Ceanothus species dominate these local hillsides, one with blue flowers (Ceanothus tomentosus) and one with white flowers (Ceanothus verrucosus). In addition to being spectacularly lovely when covered with flowers both species are fragrant and attractive to […]

Modern Patio in Mission Hills

We recently completed this little project in Mission Hills. Designing, fabricating and installing this steel edge planter was something new and fun. My pop makes beautiful brass and stone doorknockers , I guess metal work is in my blood.  Magnus Architects  did nice work on this modern style house.

Citrus, Fertilizer and Drip Irrigation

Warming weather and longer days have spurred our citrus trees into active growth. Now is a great time to feed your citrus. Unlike most of the ornamental landscape plants I tend to use, citrus are heavy feeders and need regular applications of fertilizer for best appearance and production. I fed my trees back in February […]

Green Wall San Francisco

I was up in the San Francisco Bay area last week for a meeting of APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) and to visit friends. UC Botanical Garden Horticulturist Meghan Ray and husband Eric Anderson kindly hosted me a day and took me to see the recent installation by green wall guru Patrick Blanc at […]